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Downy Laundry Coupons 2017 – Get $1 Off Downy Fabric Softener

Downy is yet another in the line of Proctor and Gamble products for keeping your laundry the way that you want it. The products from Downy include scent beads, liquid fabric conditioner, dryer sheets, downy ball, and wrinkle spray. This large collection of products is intended to be used with the other product lines from P&G to help ensure the long life of your clothes and to prevent wear and tear from washing. All of this while helping your clothes to look and smell great. Below you’ll find the latest Downy laundry coupons that we’ve collected.

These coupons are sure to make your laundry fresher, cleaner, a lot softer and also save you some money. Downy is without doubt one of the most popular fabric softener brands in the market today. And that’s true not only in the US but elsewhere. This is because Downy knows how to keep its promises and make consumers happy.

Latest Downy Coupons 2017

Few Downy coupons are available at Amazon:

  • save $0.50 off Downy Fresh Protect April In-Wash Odor Shield, Laundry Scent Booster – get it here (discount is applied at checkout)
  • save $0.50 off Downy Unstopables Spring In-Wash Scent Booster Spring 26.5oz – get it here
  • save $0.50 off Downy Unstopables Fresh In-Wash Scent Booster Fabric Enhancer 26.5oz – get it here
  • save $2 off Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, Light Fresh Scent – get it here

Costco customers can find a $2.40 off coupon on Ultra Downy April Fresh Fabric Enhancer among their warehouse offers. For easy coupon redemption install their mobile app and show the offer to the cashier

There is a $1 discount available at Soap.com, which can be used on Downy Unstopables. Just click on the “Use this eCoupon” check-box at the product page and the discount will be applied during the checkout process.

Save 25% off Downy wrinkle releaser plus or $1 off Downy Fabric softener with mobile coupons available at cartwheel.target.com. You have to log in or register to load the coupons to your phone

Further more, several Downy coupons are available from a coupon clipping service (or you can find them in the local newspapers):

  • Save $0.50 off Downy Fabric softener/enhancer with this coupon (expires 3/11/2017)
  • save $0.50 off Downy Fabric enhancer with this coupon (expires 3/25/2017)
  • save $3 when you buy 3 Downy Fresh Protect products with this coupon (expires 3/25/2017)

Even better Downy offers are available at coupons.com:

  • save $2 off any one Downy Infusions Item
  • save $2.50 off when you buy BOTH Tide Pods AND Downy Scent Beads

You can find them at their coupons page. You will have to install their printing plugin to print these coupons

Finally, Kroger customers can save $1 on Downy Liquid Fabric Softener/Enhancer or Dryer Sheets. You can find the offer at their coupons page, in the Cleaning products section. You have to sign in or register to load the offer to your Kroger store card.

Old coupons
P&G Shop is offering a $3 off discount on several Downy products (expired)
Further more, one Downy coupon is available at coupons.walmart.com (expired)

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