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Era 2X Liquid Detergent Coupons

Era is one of the laundry detergent brands that’s owned by Procter and Gamble. Described as a “tough detergent for tough moms”, it’s targeted to busy mothers who don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on removing tough stains from clothes.

Currently, Era detergents are available in liquid form and are offered in four variants. One of these is Era Original, which claims to have twice the cleaning power of the leading bargain detergent brand. Another is Era with Oxi Booster, which is specially formulated to remove stains while whitening whites and brightening colored clothes.

Era also offers Era with Febreeze Freshness, which helps removes stains while fighting unpleasant odors and keeping clothes smelling fresh and clean. The Era Free laundry detergent is also available; it doesn’t contain any added dyes and fragrances and is a great choice for those with sensitive skin as well as those who don’t like to add scents to their clothes. Below are the latest Era detergent coupons that we’ve collected.

Latest Era Laundry Coupons 2018

One Era manufacturer coupon is available in the newspapers you can order it from a coupon clipping service:

  • save $1 off one 40oz or larger bottle of Era laundry detergent with this coupon (Expires 5/26/2018)

Save $1 off Era® Detergent 50oz or larger with this coupon from coupons.walmart.com (expired)
Save $1 off one 32 Loads bottle of Era 2x Ultra Free Liquid Detergent at Amazon (expired)
Finally, the same $0.50 off Era detergent coupon is available at P&G Everyday (expired)

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3 Responses to Era 2X Liquid Detergent Coupons

  1. Opal says:

    Can’t find ERA in any store in Portland Oregon. what happened? I love this detergent for soaking stains.

  2. Sally Quilhot says:

    I Buy Era at Menards. Way cheaper there.

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