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Gain Dryer Sheets and Detergent Coupon – $2 Off

Gain, makers of high quality laundry and detergent products, is offering a discount to all its loyal users through Amazon. Simply buy any two of their featured products listed at the Amazon’s coupon site and you’ll be entitled a $1 off on checkout.

The coupon is applicable to both dryer sheets and liquid detergent variants. For the dryer sheets, the variants included are the Freshlock Original Scent and Apple Mango Tango Scent. For liquid detergents, the scents included are Simply Fresh, Ocean Escape, and Island Fresh. There’s also one product from Era that this particular coupon can be used for and that’s the Era 2x Ultra with Oxi Booster Regular Liquid Detergent.

For the coupon to be valid, users have to purchase at least two items from the product list. Most of these products come in a set of four or three but those are just considered one package. Purchase two from Amazon’s website, clip the coupon, and you’ll get your discount upon payment. With Amazon, you can surely get more than what you’ve paid for.

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  1. jon says:

    need to see if this works or not

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