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Purex Laundry Detergent Coupons

If you are a regular Purex client, this means that you are a person who loves having the clothes cleaned thoroughly. Purex is famous for having a special formula that gets deep into the fabric fiber, cleaning the deep dirt, as well as the body oils. If you purchase the 28oz Purex Crystal bottle or if you always purchase the larger bottles, you can take advantage of the $1.00 coupon.

The $1.00 saving is important, as saving $1.00 each time you purchase a Purex Crystals bottle means saving a lot of money. The printable coupon is available online, on the official Purex website, after your register. Visit the official Purex page, as this is the place where you can find out more about the saving coupons and the special price offers available for the Purex Crystals bottles. Take advantage of this to the fullest!

If you sign up for Purex newsletter you’ll get exclusive coupons and promotions, together with new product info. Visit their Facebook page if you want to join.

Purex Coupons UPDATE 2017

Save $2 off two Purex® Liquid (128oz or larger) or Powder (50oz or larger) Detergents. You can find this coupon at the following stores:

Furthermore, few Purex manufacturer coupons can be found in the newspapers or you can also order them from a coupon clipping service:

  • save $2 when you buy 2 bottles of Purex Liquid 128oz+ or Powder 50oz+ detergent with this coupon (Expires 9/3/2017)
  • save $1 of one Purex liquid, powder or crystals laundry items at Dollar General when you use this coupon (expires 12/31/2017)

Finally, save 10% off one 150 oz bottle of Purex laundry detergent with this mobile coupon from cartwheel.target.com. In order to use this offer you have to sign in or register

Old coupons
Save $1 on two Purex® Liquid or Powder Detergents (any size) when you buy them at Walmart or Target (expired)
Furthermore, Kroger offers a $1 discount (expired)
Get 10% off Purex laundry detergent (128-150 oz size) with this mobile coupon from cartwheel.target.com (expired)
Finally, Publix stores have a special offer on Purex laundry detergent (expired)

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