Save Money With Laundry Detergent Coupons

Save up to $1 With Woolite Laundry Detergent Coupons

Woolite is a brand of laundry detergent that is targeted at making your separated laundry loads even better. For over 65 years Woolite has been providing top notch products to the dry cleaning industry. Their current product selection is only three different detergents, Woolite Darks, Woolite Gentle Cycle, and Woolite Delicates. Each one of these products is designed to tackle a different job from being very gentle with your most delicate clothes to taking care of those dark colors, all without letting color fade. Around the world the Woolite name is associated with at home laundry.

Woolite special detergent for dark clothes helps you keep the original color intensity of you clothes while providing the cleanliness that you expect from Woolite products. With no fading, shrinking or stretching. Woolite helps your colors look more vivid for longer whether you are hand washing or machine washing. As always Woolite has specially formulate this product to provide clean clothes but it also provides better protection from washing related damage than other products.

Woolite liquid detergent dissolves easier and faster in the wash than powders. It is easy to dispense and Woolite also added a stain removal product to help tough stains disappear without harming your fabric or colors. Woolite products are great for all your clothes washing needs but be sure to check out the care tag. Below are the latest Woolite laundry coupons that we’ve collected.

Latest Woolite Coupons update 2018

Among Costco’s Warehouse coupon offers you’ll find a $3.50 off coupon for one 75 loads Woolite Protect & Renew HE Liquid Laundry Detergent. For easy coupon redemption install their mobile app and show the offer to the cashier.

Old coupons
Save $3.50 off any one Woolite laundry detergent with this coupon from coupons.com (expired)
One Woolite manufacturer coupon is available in the newspapers or you can order it from a coupon clipping service for a small fee (Expired)
Save $1 off any one WOOLITE® Detergent (50oz. or larger) with this mobile coupon from cartwheel.target.com (expired)
Furthermore, Kroger stores offer up to $2 discount on any one 50oz or larger bottle of WOOLITE® Detergent (expired)
$2 off Woolite detergent coupon can be found at ecoupons.gianteagle.com (Expired)
Finally, save $1 off one WOOLITE® Detergent 50oz. or larger at coupons.walmart.com (expired)

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2 Responses to Save up to $1 With Woolite Laundry Detergent Coupons

  1. Kathy Amrein says:

    I am trying to find a coupon for woolite dark, however the links show me all kinds of coupons but not one for woolite dark. You should not lie to people about receiving a coupon. There is no coupon.

    • Ana says:

      I’m sorry, these offers expired, we’ll update the post. we update all posts manually so sometimes an offer expires in the meanwhile.

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