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Febreze Coupons – Save $3 On Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator

Febreze is a popular line of air freshening products. They feature scent-less products as well as scented products for carpets, cars, fabrics and anywhere in the home, office or car where odors tend to linger. Specialty products are also available that are made specifically to kill bacteria and allergens. In addition, they make specific products just for certain type of odor problems, including smoke, pet odors, mold and mildew. Scents are available in floral, exotic, seasonal and other scents.

Walmart and Walmart.com are currently offering 5 different coupons for use on the popular Febreze line of air freshener products.

A $1 off coupon is available for a single Febreze Fabric Refresher product. For a Febreze Car Vent Clip, a $1 off coupon is also offered. A $1.50 off coupon is available for one Febreze Candle. A $1.00 off coupon is also available for a single Febreze “Noticeables” freshener Refill product. In addition, they offer a 75 cent off coupon for a single Febreze Set, Stick & Refresh product. Lastly, a coupon for 75 cents off of Febreze Air Effects can be printed.
To take advantage of the coupons, you must go to this page (expired, new offers below).

On the left side, you can click on the Febreze link which will allow you to easily view all the Febreze coupons together. To print the coupons, make sure to place a check in the box that says “Clip” in the lower left section of each coupon box. Then click the Print Coupons button in the upper right area of the page. You will then be directed to a page which will automatically send the coupon to your printer to print out. You can then take the coupon to your local Walmart to use on the product.

The same coupons can also be found at coupons.target.com, browse them under the Cleaning products section or use their search box to find them. Printing plugin is required to print the coupons

Latest Febreze Coupons 2017

Save $0.50 off one Febreze product (including Fabric Refresher) with this coupon from Amazon. The discount will be applied at checkout

Save $3 on any one Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator with a coupon from Walmart. Find it at coupons.walmart.com. In order to print and use this offer you have to install their printing plugin

Further more, you can save $1 when you buy one Febreze Unstopables Product at Kroger stores. You can find this coupon at their coupons page, under the Cleaning products section where you’ll be able to load the coupon on your store card

Two Febreze coupons are available at ecoupons.gianteagle.com:

  • save $1 off one Febreze Product
  • save $1 off one Unstopables by Febreze product

In order to clip and use these coupons you have to sign in or register

You can also find the second coupon at cartwheel.target.com. You will have to sign in or register to clip and use their mobile coupons

Old Febreze coupons

Save $1 off one Febreze Unstopables product with a manufacturer coupon which can be found in the newspaper or ordered from a coupon clipping service (expired)
Save $2 on any Febreze item with this coupon from coupons.com (expired)

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    Just when I was in need of some extra money and it has now come to me in the form of coupons. Thank you so much.

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