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Savvy Green Laundry Detergent Coupons

Savvy Green is a company that prepares products that are meant to cover all of the needs in life, from the environment to keeping your laundry clean. They aim to provide awareness and information on all of their products. That includes making environmentally friendly packages to contain their products.

Savvy Green Laundry Detergent and Savvy Green Laundry Packs have a 4.5-star review on Amazon. They are meant to be a complete product to make your clothing and fabrics clean. The detergent and detergent packs are both designed to leave no residue behind and leave your fabrics soft. That means that you won’t even need fabric softener.
The Savvy Green Detergent Packs come in a 24.8 ounce bag. That translates to 62 individual wash packets. The cost for an individual pack is already 5% discounted.

If you visit the Amazon product page you can pick your product and clip the coupon near the top right of the page for 10% off, the discount is applied at checkout. The powdered laundry detergent contains 2.73 lbs of detergent for the equivalent of 108 regular loads. The bags are resealable and include a scoop inside them. This offer is valid for a limited time.

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