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Simple Truth Laundry Coupons At Kroger

Simple Truth is a brand owned by Kroger that claims to be a fairly large and growing brand dedicated to providing toxin free, naturally grown, naturally raised, and naturally produced line of mainly food products. More and more recently they have also been venturing into the world of household items. They have started making cleaning supplies like detergent, paper towels and more.

Kroger is currently offering a coupon for the $2 off your purchase of Simple Truth Organic™ or Simple Truth™ Laundry Detergent. Digital Kroger coupons can be found at their coupons page. To find this coupon specifically filter the list of digital coupons to cleaning supplies then the brand to Simple Truth. This coupon can be loaded onto your Kroger card. This coupon is valid until 05/16/2018.

Simple Truth laundry detergent is safe for the environment and for people. Even your pets will not be harmed by it but it is always wise to keep it away from pets, if not just to prevent them from making a mess. Be safe to yourself and others by making the right choice in laundry detergent, follow the Simple Truth.

Kroger has placed a limit of one redemption of the coupon per household. It may not be combined with any other coupons for the same item whether they are digital or paper. Many other Simple Truth products also have coupons available right now.

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