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Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener $2.50 off Coupon

Snuggle is known for offering fabric conditioners that have pleasant scents. These include the original Blue Sparkle scent as well as the Fresh Clean Flowers and Summer Showers scents. Snuggle also has a special line of fabric softeners known as Exhilarations, which have more intricate scents than the regular products.

The products above are available as liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets, and they’re safe to use for both standard and HE washing machines. Snuggle also offers Scent Boosters, which are pre-measured pacs that contain concentrated product and are placed in washers before adding clothes and detergents.

The company is known for its teddy bear mascot called Snuggle, which has starred in several advertisements for the brand. Snuggle has also distributed actual stuffed bears along with their products to target parents with small children.

Unilever was the previous owner of Snuggle, which was acquired in 2008 by The Sun Products Corporation. In 2016, Henkel Consumer Goods Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire The Sun Products Corporation, effectively making it the owner of the Snuggle brand and products.

Below are the latest Snuggle coupons that we’ve collected.

Latest Snuggle coupons 2017

Few Snuggle coupons can be found in the newspapers or you can also order them from a coupon clipping service:

  • save $0.50 off any one Snuggle product with this coupon (expires 12/30/2017)
  • save $1 off any one Snuggle Plus SuperFresh or Scentables product with this coupon (expires 12/9/2017)
  • save $2 off when you buy 2 Snuggle products with this coupon (expires 12/9/2017)

Old coupons
Save $1 off any one Snuggle Scentables product with a coupon from Kroger (Expired)
Save 20% on select Snuggle Fabric Softener and Snuggle Dryer Sheets at Amazon (Expired)
Furthermore, save 20% off Snuggle scentables product with this mobile coupon from
cartwheel.target.com (expired)
Finally, Publix stores have a special offer on Snuggle Non-Concentrated Fabric Softener (expired)
Finally, Walmart customers can save $0.50 off Snuggle® Blue Sparkle (expired)

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  1. Miriam says:

    love the product use it for everything

  2. Patty Hoch says:

    We love your product! We’re also very frugle – Please send more coupons!

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